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Femenella and Associates can provide a full list of museum exhibition services. The principal of the firm is currently the conservator and curator for the In Company With Angels collection of Tiffany windows currently touring the United States. Mr. Femenella has handled windows, lamps and objects by Louis Comfort Tiffany, John LaFarge and Frank Lloyd Wright for museums in the United States and abroad as well as providing stained glass window restoration services. We are especially well-suited to assist with traveling exhibitions.

In Company With Angels
Collection Currently Touring The United States

Restoration of seven Tiffany angel windows each measuring 24" x 84". The stained glass window restoration included: documentation, edge-gluing, partial releading, wood window restoration of the frames, design and fabrication of decorative display light boxes. Mr. Femenella was selected to be the curator of this window collection that is currently touring museums across the United States.

Louis Comfort Tiffany "Masterworks" Exhibition
Renwick Gallery, Nmaa, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York.

1. Sarah Fay Memorial window, 5' wide x 13' high
2. Helen Gould Memorial window, 5' w x 12' h
3. Four Seasons window, 4' w x 8' h
4. Peacock window, 30" w x 10' h
5. Cockatoo window, 30" w x 10' h
6. Magnolia and Wisteria window, 4 panels each 32" w x 78" h
7. Magnolia window, 42" w x 24" h
8. Landscape Triptych window, 3 panels each 30" w x 80" h
9. Hydrangea window, 38" w x 44" h
10. Peonies in a Copper Pitcher, 46" w x 62" h

The stained glass window restoration project included: Initial condition reports and conservation proposals. Supervised conservation efforts that included edge-gluing, cleaning, partial releading, restructuring and reframing. Mounting and dismounting of the exhibition at the various venues.

Louis Comfort Tiffany "Masterworks" Exhibition
Tokyo, Kobe, Nagoya, And Toyama, Japan.

Various duties in assisting the Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Company with the traveling exhibition of 94 pieces of Tiffany glass art at four museums in Japan. Exhibit included 10 windows; 28 table and floor lamps; and 52 vases, paperweights, paintings, and other decorative objects.

Prepared initial condition reports
Designed and fabricated custom crating
Assisted the curators with the mounting and dismounting of the objects at each venue

La Farge Exhibition - National Museum of American Art (NMAA), Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

The stained glass window restoration of nine of the ten windows exhibited. Consulted with museum staff for designs of light boxes, exhibition space and shipping crates. Supervised the conservation of the windows and the mounting and dismounting of exhibit at two of the three venues. Supervised crating and shipping from the NMAA to Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh and then to the Museum of Fine Art, Boston. (Project completed while Vice-President of Greenland Studio, New York.)

Windows included in the Exhibition:

Arabesque Fire Screen
Boston Peonies in the Wind
Washington Peonies in the Wind
Bacchus and Child
Peacock and Peonies from NMAA, and Dawn on the Edge of Night.

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In honor of #aptmiami2019 @aptpreservation...The Jewel Box in Miami was certainly a unique job for Femenella back in 2015! We were a part of conserving the Dalle

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