William J. Nealon Federal Courthouse

and Post Office


The William J. Nealon Federal Courthouse and Post Office

Scranton, Pennsylvania

The William J. Nealon Federal Courthouse and Post Office is located in the heart of downtown Scranton, PA. The building was constructed in 1931 by James A. Wetmore. Today it is owned and operated by the General Services Administration (GSA), and is still a functioning courthouse and post office. The building is also home to several government entities that operate in the area.

There are 234 monumental steel windows in the building that were originally made by the Hope’s Window company. The large window systems that spanned 2 floors were suffering from severe water damage. The water had infiltrated locations such as the jambs and the marble stone spandrel panels that are integrated into the windows.

All of the sash and frames were removed for an offsite restoration. The subframes that are keyed into the surrounding masonry were repaired in place. Custom break-formed steel sections were fabricated to be used as Dutchmen replacement material. Sections that were severely deteriorated were cut out and a replacement section was cut and welded into place.

The windows also have decorative cast iron ornaments in the main vertical mullions. All of the cast iron was restored, and any pieces that were missing were replicated and re-cast to match the originals.

The interior existing storm windows were treated with a low-e film to achieve better HVAC returns for the building.


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