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Eldridge Street Synagogue

New York, New York

he Eldridge Street Synagogue, the first great east European synagogue in New York, is an iconic landmark of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. What is now known as Chinatown was once the center of mid-19th century Jewish immigration in New York City. Eldridge Street has always housed an active congregation, but due to dwindling attendance the building fell into a serious state of disrepair during the 1970's and '80's.

Femenella & Associates was the wood window restoration part of a collaborative team that has recently completed a 25-year restoration effort to return this jewel of New York City to its former architectural glory. Mr. Femenella has been involved with the effort since the 1980's. Femenella worked with The Gil Studio on the stained glass window restoration and the wood window restoration aspects of the project. Working with Tom Garcia, we installed a new window designed by Kiki Smith and Deborah Gans into a prominent space in the sanctuary where the original window was lost in a storm during the 1940's.

Femenella and Associates participated with the design team, installed all of the stained glass, restored the wood frames, and also designed, fabricated, and installed the monumental steel frame that holds the new sanctuary window.

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