Calvary Episcopal Church
Calvary Episcopal Church

Conservation of an 18’ diameter Rose window from 1894. Scope included: Documentation, cleaning, repair of broken glass, replacement of damaged leads, and installing completed window into an isothermal, protective-glazing setting.

5th Avenue Presbyterian
5th Avenue Presbyterian

Stained glass and leaded protective glazing restoration. Scope included: releading, copper foil repairs, glass replacements, reinstallation of stained glass, reinstallation of leaded protective glazing, and new laminated protective glazing where required.

Floyd Bennet Field
Floyd Bennet field

Restoration of over 200 steel windows. Scope included: Cleaning and reuse of all original elements where possible, numerous Dutchman repairs (replacing small sections of damaged area), fabrication of custom chicken wire glass to replicate original textured design, recasting of historic bronze hardware.

30th Street Station
30th Street Station

Steel window restoration. Scope included: High performance coatings, fabrication of custom laminated glass, interior blast-mitigation film, brass hardware restoration, custom fabrication of matching steel profiles.

The Dakota Building
The Dakota

Double hung wood window restoration at façade and central courtyard. Scope included: Wood frame Dutchman repairs (replacing small sections of damaged areas), rail replacements, wood consolidation, and reinforcement of window sash.

The Belasco Theatre
Belasco Theatre

Award-winning stained glass window restoration. Scope included: Careful cleaning of stained glass fixtures and elements, custom replication of missing fixtures including turtlebacks, iridized globes, and pressed jewels, rewiring of all fixtures, releading of glass panels, steel window restoration.

The Enoch Pratt Free Library
Enoch Pratt Free Library

Steel window restoration for over 300 windows. Scope included: Cast iron restoration, addition of high performance coatings, brass hardware restoration, steel profile replacement, interior and exterior storm window installations.

Yale Sterling Memorial Library
Yale Sterling Memorial Library

Stained glass and bronze window restoration. Scope included: Releading, salvaging of original decorative lead overlays, paint conservation to all 70 leaded panels, bronze restoration of all frames and sash.

Pew Chapel
Bryn Mawr Pew Chapel

Restoration of Willet and Tiffany stained glass windows. Scope included: Releading of Willet stained glass windows, updated exterior protective glazing, comprehensive in-situ cleaning and repairs, steel ventilator restoration.


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Femenella & Associates is committed to helping our clients make informed decisions regarding the care and restoration of their historic windows as well as the design and fabrication of new windows. The President of the firm, Arthur Femenella Sr., brings to every project the knowledge obtained from 38 years of practical experience conserving complex and artistically important stained glass, wood, and steel windows for museums, educational institutions and ecclesiastical buildings. Arthur Sr. is joined by an excellent team with a long history of completing challenging projects at the highest level of craftsmanship while maintaining budget and schedule.

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