Calvary Episcopal Church

Conservation of an 1894, 18' diameter Rose window. Conservation included: documentation, cleaning, repair of broken glass, replacement of damaged leads and installing completed window into an isothermal, protective-glazing setting.

5th Avenue Presbyterian

Stained glass, and leaded protective glazing restoration. Scope included, releading, copper foil repairs, Glass replacements, and reinstallation of both stained glass and leaded protective glazing in addition to new laminated protective glazing in some locations.

Floyd Bennet field

Restoration of steel windows, clean and reuse all elements, and numerous dutchman.
We conserved every restorable element and fabricated custom chicken wire glass.

30th Street Station

Steel window restoration, high-performance coatings, the fabrication of custom laminated glass, interior blast-mitigation film, brass hardware restoration, custom fabirication of matching steel profiles.

The Dakota Building

Exterior wood window restoration of wood double hung windows. Scope included frame Dutchman repairs, rail replacements, consolidation and sash reinforcements.

The Belasco Theatre

Femenella and Associates was engaged in the stained glass window restoration project to restore the stained glass fixtures and elements over a period of two years and the steel window restoration.

The Enoch Pratt Free Library

Steel window restoration, cast iron restoration, high performance coatings, brass hardware restoration, steel profile replacement, interior and exterior storm window installations.

Yale Sterling Memorial Library

Stained glass, protective glazing & bronze window restoration. Scope included releading, the retaining of original decorative lead overlays & paint conservation to all leaded panels, also including the Bronze restoration of the frames and sash.

Bryn Mawr Pew Chapel

Stained glass releading, exterior protective glazing, in-situ cleaning and repairs, steel ventilator restoration.

Pew Chapel
5th Avenue Presbyterian


Femenella & Associates

Why Choose Us?

Femenella & Associates is committed to providing our clients the ability to make informed decisions regarding the care and restoration of their historic stained glass and wood windows and the design and fabrication of new windows. The President of the firm, Arthur Femenella Sr., brings to every project the knowledge obtained from 38 years of practical experience conserving complex and artistically important stained glass windows and wood frames for museums, educational institutions and ecclesiastical buildings. Arthur Sr. is joined by an excellent team with a long history of completing challenging projects at the highest level of craftsmanship, while remaining on budget and on schedule.

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SAVE THE DATE - May 15-16, 2020!Femenella will be a part of The Association for Preservation Technology International 's Stained Glass Symposium at Fifth Ave Presbyterian

Restored bronze hardware, original to Moynihan station. These are pulleys and locks for the wood double hung windows. #restored #restoredhardware #hardwarerestoration

Restored wood windows for the new Moynihan Train Hall in Manhattan. 🚊 They have been restored to be fully operational using a weight and chain system. This landmarked

Iso-thermal setting in progress for the windows of St. Paul’s in Winston-Salem. #isothermal #stainedglass #glassrestoration #restoration

A beautiful before and after of the chancel window at Central Presbyterian in Summit, NJ. Femenella restored the stained glass and wood frame along with installing

Yale University’s windows feature many unique medallions in their leaded glass windows. These medallions were originally the work of G. Owen Bonawit dating back

Before and after of a broken panel from the Charles Booth windows at Trinity Church Wall St.

In honor of #aptmiami2019 @aptpreservation...The Jewel Box in Miami was certainly a unique job for Femenella back in 2015! We were a part of conserving the Dalle

The chancel window at Trinity Wall St has been completed! A new life has been given to this beautiful window using conservative conservation and an iso thermal setting.

The morning sun reflecting colors onto the floor of the sanctuary.

The chancel window is being installed at Trinity Church Wall St! This window is in an #isothermal setting. Conservation work to the stained glass was done by @serpentinostainedglass

Jersey city public library stained glass window recently restored with @zamosgreen. Once a laylight, it’s now been put on display in the wall near the entrance.

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