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Emma Willard School

Troy, New York

The School wishes to maintain the basic number of buildings and exterior look of the historic campus while maximizing effective use and ambience of the interior spaces for the purposes of enriching the daily and long term experience of the students.

 Femenella & Associates developed a system for the stained glass window restoration and the wood window restoration restoring the 3,600 windows of the school that ensures maximum efficiency and the highest level of quality while having a minimal impact on the use of school buildings and the education of the Emma Willard students. Femenella proposed and supervised the adaptive reuse of a little used former stable into a window restoration workshop on the Emma Willard campus. This allowed us to restore the window in groups of 30 windows. 


“In looking back upon the first nine years of your firm’s working relationship with Emma Willard School, several key characteristics have distinguished your truly remarkable work on our campus:

Your word is your bond, and all of your employees have followed your model; unfailing adherence to budget despite keeping a challenging project schedule; logistical flexibility to accommodate changes dictated by school programs; innovative problem-solving approach to the project, such as provided a complete and utterly reliable turnkey service (design, supervision and execution)”

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